News From the Farm

Alex with flowers at Full Sun Farm
The Strawberries are in the ground! The over-wintering flowers are in the ground. We have garlic and onions to go, but not for another couple of weeks will we be getting those int he ground. We have some more lettuces to plant, mostly in the tunnels, but we’re tempted to […]

News from the Farm – October 1, 2016

Full Sun Farm honey
Mid-September is upon us! Our winter cover crop seed should be here this coming Monday morning. All the fields are ready to be sown and put away for the winter. We did a major clean up on Monday, pulling out drip tape from old beds, mowing them down, and discing […]

News from the Farm – September 17, 2016

Full Sun Farm popcorn
Cool nights! We’ve been enjoying the cool mornings as well. Summer is most definitely on its way out, along with all the wonderful summer vegetables. But some of the cool season favorites are coming back. The green kale has made a come back, as has the book choi. Soon there […]

News from the Farm – September 10, 2016

Vanessa beekeeping at Full Sun Farm
Though it’s been rather hot and dry out here we’re starting to really look towards fall. The light has begun to change out here in the valley and there’s an occasional breeze that tells us that fall is approaching. We’re looking forward to some cooler temperatures for sure. Summer is […]

News from the Farm – September 3, 2016

winter squash at Full Sun Farm
Hello. late Summer. We’re still very busy out here, of course. The crew picked up about half of the winter squash this morning and are now working on weeding the fall greens. The green kale is ready to harvest! We’ll actually start picking some for Saturday market. This time of […]

News from the Farm – August 27, 2016

tomatoes from Full Sun Farm
The first week all season with no lettuce! It was a long run, an amazing run, but the streak had to come to an end. Sorry folks no lettuce this week, but we should be back in business next week. We’ve sown the last of the beets and carrots. We’ll […]

News From The Farm – August 20, 2016

  We’re back from a really great trip to Utah to help celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We spent 5 days on the Green river floating through Desolation Canyon. What a trip! But we are back to farming reality and it’s August out there, which means it’s a jungle […]

News From The Farm – August 13, 2016

Hello from the Full Sun interns! We’ve been working hard this week harvesting and keeping things under wraps while Alex and Vanessa are away. They left the farm looking great, so we’ve been trying to keep it that way. Battling weeds was our focus of the week, but we were […]

News From The Farm – August 6, 2016

planting on full sun farm
Alex and Vanessa headed out for their family vacation yesterday afternoon, so it’s just us four interns on the farm for the next week. The bosses left the farm looking great, so we’re just gearing up for a week of harvesting, battling weeds, and doing some planting and sowing. Here’s […]

News from the Farm – July 29, 2016

Alex at Full Sun Farm
  Another hot one out here. We’re getting used to it by now. We’ve had a good run of rain, though it looks like it has ended and we’ll starting irrigating tomorrow. We continue to plant and sow more and more vegetables and flowers. There is an end in sight, […]

News from the Farm – July 20, 2016

Full Sun Farm in Sandy Mush
It’s been a nice week since we last corresponded. We’ve gotten some rain, so no irrigating over the past week. Last Thursday we had a wonderful day dealing with onions & garlic. The loft of our barn was FULL of onions and garlic on drying racks after being harvested a […]

News from the Farm – July 16, 2016

Vanessa and bees at Full Sun Farm
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We spent the weekend catching bees and harvesting potatoes! We had a big crew out here to help: some CSA worker members! and a group of kids attending a farm camp. With all the many hands we were able to harvest about 2,000# […]

News from the Farm – July 9, 2016