CSA Membership

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to connect people and the farmers who grow their food. Each makes a commitment to the other. With your farm share, you purchase a season’s worth of produce in advance. We, in turn, commit to giving  you the best of what we can grow each week.

Vegetable Share: For 23 weeks, from mid-May to mid-October, you will receive a box with freshly harvested produce from our fields. The contents will vary from week to week as the seasons change. In May and June, strawberries will come and go. Then come cucumbers, spring peas and tender summer squash. Tomatoes take the pride of place in July. August is eggplant, peppers and melons. And fall brings a return to nutritious greens and winter squash.

As farmers, our goal is to provide you with abundance throughout the season, growing a diversity of produce as best we can. So each week the box will have 8 or more different things including one or more staple: onions, potatoes, carrots and lettuce. Honey from our hives and sorghum also make their appearances through out the season. Check out our last years weekly harvest for a more complete picture of what goes into each box.

We will offer 60 CSA memberships in 2015 with pick up times scheduled for Wednesday afternoons at River Arts District Farmers’ Market and Saturday mornings at the North Asheville Tailgate Market at UNCA. Price is $525 for 23 weeks.

NEW! Extended Vegetable Shares: Receive a full 28 weeks of vegetables (mid-May to just before Thanksgiving). The last five weeks will have bigger boxes. Price is $650 for 28 weeks.

NEW! Greens Share: Sign up to add an extra bunch of greens in your box for approximately 20 weeks! Price is $45.

Working CSA memberships are available at a discounted rate and require members to help with planting and harvesting on the farm. Click here to learn more! 


Add a CSA Flower Share to bring beauty and delicious produce into your home each. Click here to learn more!

We also offer Market CSA Shares for those folks looking for a little more choice. Click here to learn more!


Our 2015 CSA season has already started! If you would like to check on availability of shares this season and to sign up, please contact us directly at fullsunfarm@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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