Field Flowers for Weddings & Events


Freshly picked flowers at the height of their season add a touch of magic to any gathering and we can provide them by the bucketful! We’ll put together a mix of what is looking the best from our fields, varying colors, textures, scents and forms. Let us know your color preferences and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We suggest picking up your flowers two days before your event. Flowers need a chance to “rest” after the shock of cutting, and the best arrangements are made once they’ve had this chance, but shortly before the event itself.

Each 5 gallon bucket has 50-100 stems depending on the type and variety of flowers and is $80.

Pick your own flowers for the DIYers:

We love to have brides, bridal parties, florists or any one really, come out to the farm and cut their own flowers. The farm is situated in a big mountain valley and the wide open vistas are just about guaranteed to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. Coming out to the farm is also a great way for out of town guests to get off the beaten track and have a little adventure.

A bucket of “cut your own flowers” is $60. See our list of seasonal flowers to get an idea of what is available around your event date. We encourage you to come in the morning before the heat of the day, both for your own and the flowers sake.

Click here to see a list of our flowers by the season.

We can provide buckets ($5/deposit per bucket) and clippers if you don’t have them. If you bring your own buckets, make sure they are clean. That will help your flowers last longer.

Please call (828 683 1607) or fill our the form below for more information and to make a reservation.

DIY Flowers Inquiry

Will you bring your own buckets and clippers, or shall we provide them for you (nb: we have a $5 deposit per bucket if we provide)? *