Intern Compensation at Full Sun Farm:

  • On –Farm Housing, including utilities
  • Vegetables etc from the farm and week day lunches
  • Monthly Stipend, starting at $500, with a $25 raise each month, paid on the 1st and the 15th of the month.
    • 1st month $500
    • 2nd month $525
    • 3rd month $550
    • 4th mouth $575
    • 5th month $600
    • 6th month $625
    • 7th month $650
  • 1 week paid vacation, preferably taken sometime in July or August
  • 15% of market sales split between all interns during Alex and Vanessa’ vacation week
  • Season end bonus, (floods, drought, pest and disease disasters permitting)
  • Case of beer on record breaking market days

We do take out taxes.