Working Share

Worker member Kari Richmond up in a cherry tree

For those of you who want to really get your hands dirty, connect with your food and save a little money, we offer a working share.

The work can include harvesting, weeding, planting, cleaning vegetables, making flower bouquets, trellising tomatoes, mulching, sowing seeds in the greenhouse, picking cherries! What ever work is happening on the farm, you’ll be asked to help. The work commitments is 25 hours and you can split that up any way that works for you.

Please note: Workdays are weekdays only (Monday-Friday).

We encourage people to come out in the mornings (arriving around 8 or so and working until noon) due to the cooler temperatures, but you’re welcome to come in the afternoon as well. We break from 12-2pm for lunch and then work until 5:30. If an afternoon schedule is preferred, coming at 1:30 and working until 5:30pm also gets in four hours in a day.

If we are making lunch for the crew and you have the time, you are welcome to join us. If you bring friends or family to work, their hours count towards the work requirement for your share as well.

Worker members have most of the season to get their hours in, from whenever they sign up in the spring until the end of September. Scheduling is up to you, though at least a day’s notice makes it easier for us to plan our jobs for the workday. Setting a defined schedule (like coming out every Tuesday morning) works great for us, but we know that can be difficult to do.

We strongly encourage people to not put off working the hours until late in the season, even though 6 months seems like a long time. The summer quickly gets filled up and every year we have people who don’t meet their required work and end up owing us the balance on their share. We would MUCH rather have the work than the money!

Boxes start around mid-May once we have a good amount of strawberries. Pick up is on Wednesdays or Saturdays. Price of the working share is $425 for 23 weeks with 25 hours work commitment.

 Extended Working Shares: Receive a full 28 weeks of vegetables (mid-May to just before Thanksgiving). The last five weeks will have bigger boxes. Price is $550 for 28 weeks with 25 hours work commitment.

Kids on the farm:

We love to have kids come out and work on the farm! The work time of kids over 8 years old counts towards the working share commitment and some kids really get into it. That said, it can be a challenge for kids (and grown ups!) to stay focused for the whole time and a fair amount of the time can be spent catching insects and looking for worms. We really enjoy that aspect of having kids out, looking at the farm through their eyes, seeing what wonders they discover, but we hope you’ll understand if we count only the time they spend working toward the share hours.

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