Meat & Egg Shares

Farm Eggs

We have partnered with our neighbors at Reeves Home Place Farm to bring you farm fresh eggs and a selection of meats as an add-on to your vegetable share. In 2014 Reeves Home Place Farm partnered with Troy & Sons Whiskey to form Whiskey Pigs Meats. They feed their animals the finest ingredients, including Troy & Sons Whiskey Mash. They raise Black Angus cattle, Cornish X chickens, Double Breasted Bronze Turkeys and American Mule foot pigs. Their animals are pasture raised and vegetarian fed. They are not given any extra growth hormones only what they produce naturally and are given no antibiotics.

Pick up of meat and eggs shares will be every other week, and are available as an add-on to your vegetable share, starting with the first week of our CSA and ending with the last week. That will be 12 boxes. Here is what you might get in a typical box:

Eggs – $48
1 dozen every other week

Mama Box – $390
5lb every other week 
1lb Sausage
1lb Groundbeef
1 lb t-bone
2 lbs of chicken

Papa Box – $780
10 lbs every other week
2lb of Boston Butts
1lb groundbeef
1lb cubesteak
1lb sirloin Steak
1lb sausage

If you’d like to sign up for a meat or egg share, without a Full Sun Farm CSA share, please contact Reeves Home Place Farm directly.

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