Keys to Success

Key traits of a successful apprentice:

The work that we do is often hard. Farming is not for everyone. Apprentices should enjoy physical work and being outside all day. It is not necessary to have previous experience in farming, but a real interest in having farming some where in your future helps sustain interns through the hot days of August to the glorious days of autumn.

The skills/traits we consider most important in an apprentice and that help make for a successful (i.e. you learned a lot and had a good time) internship experience are:

  • a positive & pleasant disposition
  • hardworking
  • highly reliable and responsible
  • very communicative
  • able to follow directions
  • in good physical condition
  • cooperative
  • receptive to feedback and adjustments for work processes
  • ability to enjoy being outside doing physical work
  • lively sense of humor
  • interest in farming and/or gardening in the future
  • have reliable transportation
  • self sufficient and self motivated