News from the Farm – September 3, 2016

anessa taking a “super” containing the frames of honey comb filled with honey off of a hive.

Vanessa taking a “super” containing the frames of honey comb filled with honey off of a hive.

Though it’s been rather hot and dry out here we’re starting to really look towards fall. The light has begun to change out here in the valley and there’s an occasional breeze that tells us that fall is approaching. We’re looking forward to some cooler temperatures for sure. Summer is still here though, in the form of sweet corn! (the last round) and the peppers are still really going strong. There are tomatoes, but they are really starting to wane. The summer squash is finished and the cucumbers are starting to slow down as well. But the greens are starting again! We’ll have green kale at market today, though there wasn’t enough to get it into your boxes this week. The winter squash was harvested last week and we got about double what we usually get, thanks, in part, to dry weather and warm nighttime temperatures. Of course the dedication and hard work of the farmers had a little bit to do with it too, we hope. Anyway starting this week there’s winter squash in your boxes. You’ll receive some from now until the last week of the CSA. They store very well, especially the butternut varieties. So just place them in a coolish, dry place in your pantry or kitchen counter and enjoy at your leisure.

Some of the fall jobs have started (see picot below), like harvesting the honey!. We’ll spin it out of the frames tomorrow and get it bottled up some there after. The popcorn is still out in the field drying on the plants, soon it will be taken off, shucked and hung in the greenhouse to dry further. Lastly the sorghum looks amazing. It’s at least 10’ tall and thick. We’ll take the cut canes to a friend’s farm in Madison Co. to grind it and cook it down into molasses, probably in early October.

Please return your CSA box next week. These boxes are waxed and are not recyclable, but we reuse them. So PLEASE remember to bring them back next week.

Ideas for Cooking

(We want to thank long time CSA member John Loyd for providing ideas and inspiration in this section!!!

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good from fresh ingredients.” Julia Child

We’re getting peppers in our boxes and there are more are in our booth. This is a great way to use them. I used the green ones and the long red ones. I suppose, you could toss in some the little green ones if you want to notch up the tang. This is an interesting non-red pasta.

This Week’s Recipes (Click on Link)



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