News from the Farm – September 10, 2016

Popcorn, almost ready to harvest

Popcorn, almost ready to harvest

Zinnias, looking west.

Zinnias, looking west.

Cool nights! We’ve been enjoying the cool mornings as well. Summer is most definitely on its way out, along with all the wonderful summer vegetables. But some of the cool season favorites are coming back. The green kale has made a come back, as has the book choi. Soon there will be shite globe turnips, arugula, radishes, and spinach! For some plants late summer/early fall is the time to finish up or succumb to disease. For other plants, like many weeds, it’s time to keep growing and put out as many seeds as possible. So we’re still locked in that struggle with the weeds that want to choke out our carrots, beets, and other young fall crops. Once we get a frost then the weed pressure dimities significantly, but until then the weeds are going strong.

During the past week we’ve done a good bit of planting or kales, leeks, lettuce mix, cabbage, and spinach. We’ve sown more spinach, radishes, arugula, and turnips. With one of our crew on vacation and a couple of us infirm in one way or another, we’ve just been trying to keep moving and make progress against weeds or prepping fields for late fall as best we can.
Enjoy this week’s box.

Please return your CSA box next week. These boxes are waxed and are not recyclable, but we reuse them. So PLEASE remember to bring them back next week.

Ideas for Cooking

(We want to thank long time CSA member John Loyd for providing ideas and inspiration in this section!!!
“Make lunch, not war.” Author unknown

This Week’s Recipes (Click on Link):




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