News from the Farm – August 27, 2016

Hello. late Summer. We’re still very busy out here, of course. The crew picked up about half of the winter squash this morning and are now working on weeding the fall greens. The green kale is ready to harvest! We’ll actually start picking some for Saturday market. This time of year there are certain weeds that are really growing like crazy, among them is our least favorite, Prickly Pigweed. It’s an amaranth, which means that they can produce literally hundreds of thousands of seeds, if left to grow unchecked. They also have vicious thorns on them which seem to lunge out at you as you pass by, very unpleasant plants. This time of year is another time of transition on the farm. Many of the summer crops are coming to an end either rapidly (summer squash) or slowly declining (Heirloom & cherry tomatoes). Some big areas which had crops in them are now ready to be mowed down (winter squash & sweet corn). And we are readying ground for the over-wintering crops of garlic, onions, strawberries, and flowers, not to mention sowing the fall cover crop.

Sorry no pictures today. Hopefully I’ll send some long later.

Please return your CSA box next week. These boxes are waxed and are not recyclable, but we reuse them. So PLEASE remember to bring them back next week.

Ideas for Cooking

(We want to thank long time CSA member John Loyd for providing ideas and inspiration in this section!!!

“A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” Thomas Keller

This is a nice time to fire up your grills, oil your grate, and cook lots of different vegetables. You may consider trying different spices like ones from the Middle East.

This week’s recipes (Click on Link)




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