News from the Farm – September 17, 2016


Mid-September is upon us! Our winter cover crop seed should be here this coming Monday morning. All the fields are ready to be sown and put away for the winter. We did a major clean up on Monday, pulling out drip tape from old beds, mowing them down, and discing them under. The farm is looking quite tidy these days! The strawberry plants have arrived. We’ll get those beds prepared early in the week and plant the next year’s strawberries crop on Thursday, if the weather cooperates. It is SO dry out here. And of course, BOTH our irrigation systems were not working late last week. Long story, and maybe a little too complicated to explain here, but I spent HOURS watering the little transplants with our transplanter Monday. The replacement parts arrived late Monday afternoon. We fixed the pump and irrigated everything again, properly. We’re back on track, able to water at will.

The crew has been taking out the tunnel cucumbers Wednesday morning, no more cukes, and harvesting the popcorn to hang in the greenhouse. It takes weeks for the popcorn to dry sufficiently for the kernels to pop, but it’s worth the wait. We have one more planting of lettuce to go out into the fields, along with another bed of book choi & napa cabbage, and one more radish arugula bed. That’s it for the 2016 season. The rest, strawberries, garlic, flowers, & onions, are for 2017!

Just FYI, the last Saturday box for the regular CSA season is October 15th. We still have some spots in our extended CSA season. Just shoot us an email and we can give the details.

Please return your CSA box next week. These boxes are waxed and are not recyclable, but we reuse them. So PLEASE remember to bring them back next week.

Ideas for Cooking

(We want to thank long time CSA member John Loyd for providing ideas and inspiration in this section!!!

“Pre-heat the oven? Really? If I was the sort of person who planned ahead, I wouldn’t be eating this Totino’s Party Pizza in the first place.” Adam Peterson

Grab your cukes before there’re on gone.

This Week’s Recipes (Click on Link):